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Star Wars Battlefront II Has Officially Gone Gold

Now, DICE’s Design Director Niklas Fegraeus has announced on Twitter that the studio’s highly-anticipated game Star Wars Battlefront II has gone gold, which means growth on the game has now wrapped and is prepared for production.

A sequel to the 2015 reboot of the franchise, also  Star Wars Battlefront II is currently being produced by DICE (with additional help from Criterion Games and Motive Studios) and released by Digital Arts. Contrary to its predecessor, among  Battlefront II‘s notable selling points for your game is your story-driven single-player campaign style, as well as a more thickness in the multiplayer, character classes, and more.

If you want more information about the game, it is possible to also check the newest PS4 and PS4 Pro packagesEA DICE’s Statement on the much-discussed loot crates  in addition to its own advancement, a recent   trailer displaying the game’s maps  along with some Gamescom footage comprising  Starfighter Assault  out of Gamescom and   our preview of the mode. On top of this, you can even check out our hands free preview to the upcoming title.

Star Wars Battlefront II is defined to be released on November 17th for both PC, PlayStation 4, also Xbox One.

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