Time-Bending Puzzle-Adventure Game The Gardens Between Announced for PS4 at Paris Games Week

Throughout the pre-show for Sony’s 2017 Paris Games Week seminar, indie developer The Voxel Agents shown that The Gardens Between, a mystery game that lets players command time, is coming to PS4. The Gardens Between had previously been declared for PC, however that is the first time that the name got at the limelight about a significant conference or obtained confirmed to get a console.

The Gardens Between stars buddies Arina and Frendt, who players control as they travel through a world composed of an archipelago of  garden islands. Each island has a variety of secrets for players to find to find and puzzles to them to solve by switching between moving back and forwards in time.

As for The Gardens Between’s story, The Voxel Agents are hoping to reflect topics of “friendship, youth and growing up. ” That being said, the narrative is “ free of language ” as the programmers describe it, which makes it accessible to a wide variety of men and women, or dialogue-free. The game also includes a soundtrack by Tim Shiel  that helps set up its otherworldly atmosphere. If you would like to follow more of this game’s soundtrack and see a few of the islands, then make sure you check out three preceding trailers from earlier this season.

You can have a look at the show trailer and a few screenshots of the name below. The Gardens Between is also expected to release in Q3 2018 on PC and PS4.

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