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EA Reveals Changes Coming to Star Wars Battlefront II’s Multiplayer Progression System at Launch

A couple weeks ago, the Star Wars Battlefront II beta was first available to the public and was met with mixed results. While the consensus seemed to be that the gameplay and graphics were fantastic, many fans, myself included, were concerned about the development platform in the game’s multiplayer because of its inclusion of loot crates and possible pay-to-win elements.

Now, EA and DICE disclosed that they have considered this comments from the Battlefront II beta and as such   have shifted the progression system that will be observed from the game at start.

The changes that were summarized are as follows:

  • Epic Star Cards, the highest tier of Star Cards offered at launch,  are removed from Crates.   To help keep everybody on a level playing field, these Star Cards will mainly be accessible through crafting, and with the exception of special Epic Star Cards available through pre-order, deluxe, and starter packs.

    You’ll should reach a certain position to craft upgraded Star Cards.  You won’t be able to get a whole lot of Crates, grind up everything into crafting stuff, and immediately use them to acquire super powerful Star Cards. You may upgrade the capability to craft greater tier Star Cards by ranking up through enjoying this game.

    Weapons are secured behind particular landmarks.   While a select few will be discovered at  Crates, the remainder can only be achieved by play. Want to unlock a weapon for your Heavy? Perform as you and a Heavy’ll gain access to the class weapons.

  • Class-specific equipment and items can be unlocked by playing as them.  As you progress through your favorite class, you’re hit landmarks granting you class-specific Crates. These can incorporate a mix of Crafting Parts and Star Cards to benefit your course’s development.

As someone who was very concerned about the development system seen from the beta, those changes seem to fix a handful of concerns that I had. Making it into where players can’t update their Star Cards unless they’re of a high enough level guarantees that individuals who pour large quantities of money into the game at start won’t be in a position to immediately upgrade their characters without first playing enough to progress in level.

Locking firearms behind milestones is also a change that I much favor, as somebody who found the Hutt Contracts system inside the 2015 version of Battlefront to be compelling. Epic Star Cards’ removal can be a decision as well as making it to where players that need specific gear related to a class should have to play as that course said equipment.

It’s great to find that EA and DICE were eager to follow criticisms of the beta where they believed were required and make adjustments. EA claims that while those are enhanced and the machine will continue to be iterated upon going. Hopefully fans locate these adjustments to be decent and can now focus on the thing that we all knew was great from the Battlefront II beta — that the gameplay.

Star Wars Battlefront II is expected out in a few short weeks on November 17 for PS4, Xbox One, also PC.

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