Life is Feudal: MMO Trailer Illustrates the Horrors That Lurk at Night

Bitbox’s Life is Feudal: MMO is now finished its own closed beta checks and is moving into Open Beta on November 17. The development team felt that they couldn’t let Halloween move by without teasing some of the more horrific aspects of the game.

In the trailer offered in the video in the base of this guide, we get a peek at the events which populate Life is Feudal: MMO when nighttime falls across the land. Bears and wolves might not look all that surprising, however, it s near the conclusion of the video once we can see something totally surprising rituals and suck.

It’s now unclear to what extent these incidents will perform a role or whether players are going to be able to take part in these rituals themselves. However, Bitbox appears to be teasing that this might be the situation, inquiring “What lengths will you go to to survive? ” from the movie’s overview.

Life is Feudal: MMO is presently awaiting its Open Beta, which you can still join by visiting the game’s site.

On the lookout for a little more info on what you could do in Life is Feudal: MMO?   After the end of the game’s fourth closed beta, then Bitbox released a video   detailing a few of the triumphs and tribulations players struck, which may shed a bit more light about the game’s activities.

You can find the game’so called “Nightfall” trailer below.

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