Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review — Try Your Best to Follow Along

The Summon Night series has ever been a bitter pill to swallow to get western JRPG lovers. Lots of the entries in the mainline names have never been localized besides Summon Night 5 around PSP in 2016. The series devotes into a narrative with a cast of characters which are featured in and fandiscs.

Some might be stressed that its too late in the series’ lifestyle to leap in and pick up those pieces. Fortunately, this isn’t so much situation using Summon Night 6: Lost Borders, the latest entry in the series and the very first to be developed on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, but it will hold it back in some regions. With no reference material, a lot of the game’s better minutes demand a terrific localization from writer GaijinWorks, who I believe managed it.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders starts by introducing Raj as the primary protagonist who’s the sole real human living on the world of Fullijah. Along with his spouse, Patch, Raj is actually content with his life and has been living since before he can remember off of items that fall from the skies.

Raj shares the principal protagonist spotlight with Amu 2 characters and Ist. Each think that they are in the world and also have comparable circumstances. Apparently, Fullijah is connected through other futures and timelines. It might seem like a strange premise, but I picked up on it quite easily with assistance of this game’s text-heavy storyline segments.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review -- Try Your Best to Follow Along

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders might be considered an SRPG, however also the game’s primary focus is personality development through story events. Between battles, players will have access to primary events and sub-events that typically have scenes of characters learning about Raj, Amu, along with Ist as well as expressing their own missions’s world.

Each character that falls from the  sky is from a past entry of this Summon Night series. The game doesn’t need the player to know about the figures, but it can help to spend some time. Summon Night 6 makes this a little simpler with a Gallery place that hosts a lot of info about each personality and which game they are from. In addition, it will help give an comprehension of where they are placed in Lyndbaum’s timeline. These library entrances are located in chests throughout conflicts and will require characters to really go out of the way to start them.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review -- Try Your Best to Follow Along

The concept of timelines can be exceedingly difficult to pull off and that I feel that this is where a localization is essential. Reading through Summon Night 6, GaijinWorks demonstrated that they can produce a excellent localized story that doesn’t stray too much from the source, as seen at Summon Night 5 (which I loved, but thought it had some cringy moments).

As a major protagonist, Raj is clueless and hopeful, that are attributes that I usually find annoying. Happily, he goes through plenty of character development as he gains more social experience and characters out more about his or her world. On the other hand, as she discovers the advantages of having friends, Amu is disconnected and prefers to be lonely.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review -- Try Your Best to Follow Along

This is primarily because of the characters drifting on and on about a topic theydiscussed, or going completely off topic and losing my attention.

This’s not to mention that I didn’t like enjoy the figures, but I had to invest some time in reading them up as they seemed in the game. I know that some players may not do so and they’ll have their own expertise, however Summon Night 6 feels just like a reunion of characters that I knew nothing about, even though I ended up finding them to be rather intriguing.

This happens during conflicts when confronting a group of enemies and personality reinforcements arrive. The party seems so relieved and excited with their look, but that Im forced to visit Google to find out who they are in the series and also why they are important. Again, this isn ’ t in the localization team’s error, but it made me wish that I knew more .

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review -- Try Your Best to Follow Along

The SRG battles method in Summon Night 6 is amazing and shows many improvements when compared to this of Summon Night 5. Set on a grid-based map, players will choose that character to set up with the others into fight. The game encourages the party by using many attacks that require two or more party members to stick together.

Abilities like Summon Arts could be bolstered with assistance from spare MP and party members in battle, although attacks like Summon Burst only require the assistance of two party members. The wave of a conflict cans turn and are necessary for end level attacks against boss or the more powerful enemies.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review -- Try Your Best to Follow Along

Furthermore, players are able to interact with the field by utilizing map gimmicks like quicksand to their own advantages as well as putting stepping stones alongside areas that are unreachable. Some maps are somewhat narrow when each character has a nice counter capability along with a few unique ranged attack skills, but that I could complain.

The only issue that I could find with the battle system is the difficulty settings where the Normal setting isn’t so hard however the tough setting requires deep planning and an understanding of your celebration advantages. The problem can be switched at any moment and I would just level up on Normal and then switch it to check my strategy abilities.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review -- Try Your Best to Follow Along

Post conflicts is where players will distribute experience . Expertise is shared between the party so it s best to simply level up characters since there are a ton of playable characters, which you use a lot.

Programs comprise weapon strengthening and ability improvement, the latter allows players to add new skills with points obtained during battles to characters. It’s possible to make some powerful characters to the point at which it functions as no surprise when an enemy strikes you for only 1 level of damage. Which makes me wish that the difficulty was balanced.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review -- Try Your Best to Follow Along

A feature that has become a staple for its Summon Night series would be that the night time scenes involving one of the main protagonists and another member of this party. Following a event struggle, players will be able to choose a personality who they wish to invest time with. It also had an impact on the story, although doing so will improve their affinity with the character. Additional features include cooking and conflicts and fishing that offer a rest.

Summon Night 6 features a branching narrative with over 20 finishes. This isn’t explained during these night time discussions, but it’s figured out in the future as the level of affinity with a certain character raises. I felt as though it was a wonderful way to complete a chapter after a tricky battle and had an interesting time during those scenes.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review -- Try Your Best to Follow Along

Summon Night 6 is a good SRPG using an adequate story that could be better had the west obtained more of this mainline Summon Night names. Although there is an in-game encyclopedia, its pages have been unlocked in chests during event battles which are tough to reach. That said, the characters set upward the premise in an understanding way that enabled me figure out more about Lyndbaum and Fulljah and to stick to the events and describe themselves well enough.

Summon Night 6 demonstrates that a decent localization can aid a series which has very little presence in the West. With a few exceptional SRPG mechanics as well as good character development, Summon Night 6 could easily turn into a fan favorite from the West and hopefully pave the way for prospective and previous entries in the series to become localized. At this point, I’m excited to wrap this review up and continue to devote a while with Toris (I see you immediately moving to Google to figure out that she is).

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