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SOMA’s New Safe Mode Detailed; Coming to PS4 by February 2018

There are few horror games as cerebral and sociological as Frictional Games’ 2015 surprise hit, SOMA. A romp through underwater environments ends philosophical  hellscape, as the title investigates consciousness, “ fortune, along with artificial intelligence,” so to speak. And while some folks find terror games and stealth gameplay an obstacle for entrance, developer Frictional Games created a statement earlier this month that they are bringing a Safe Mode to enhance the gameplay experience of SOMA for  the upcoming Xbox One launch and PC.

But what is this “Safe Mode? Unlike this mod, players are not only going to be impervious to departure, however, the AI for the enemies are altered. Frictional is pivoting the gameplay to never feel like a “God-mode,” but to instead bring a new experience dependent on the ’ mythos that are enemies.

With this in mind, players may expect mining areas and all of the same puzzles. The one difference is you no longer requires sneaking around — that the bane of gameplay mechanics for lots of individuals. You’ll also have the ability to completely  explore the depths of the ocean.

Better still, this new manner won’t be locked in as a PC and Xbox One exclusive. The style will be inserted for free within an update in “ on PlayStation 4 about 2 months ” — February 2018.

Interestingly, Frictional said that they were ripped when they first released   SOMA if to include a no-death mode. They didn’t want to divide the encounter given they hadn’t had the newly-created AI.

As stated above, SOMA originally launched on September 22, 2015 for both PC and is currently available for PS4. The game starts on Xbox One tomorrow, packed with with the Safe Mode (also readily available for PC at exactly the same time).

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