ARMS Update Adds Mysterious Fighter Springtron and Other Changes

Nintendo’s quirky fighting title   ARMS has received its newest fighter in upgrade 4.1 and some other modifications to figures, arms, and more.

Springtron is the most recent fighter to be added to the game. He’s essentially the robotic model of  Spring Man, one of the first characters revealed for the name along with Ribbon Girl back in January. Springtron may use strikes to disable his opponents. If timed Springtron may utilize a potent deflection shockwave that could be employed to find the upper hand when they least expect it. At any time you unlock some new arms for Spring Man, you also’ll also unlock them.

While Springtron  may be the biggest new addition to   the upgrade, there is also a ton of new modifications into equipable arms in addition to Misango, a fighter who had been disclosed  merely a few weeks ago. Immobility if he s masking up’s whole period has been decreased. Finally, some badges are added as well as fixes to play. You may take a look at the complete patch notes for yourself right here.

ARMS is available now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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