First Major Citadel: Forged With Fire Expansion Released; New Trailer Released

Ever since the early access version of the game released back in July, developer Blue Isle Studios was steadily releasing content to the game on an, practically, yearly basis, in the form of new structure sets, costumes, and much more. Now, however, it feels like the developer eventually kicking new content additions into overdrive, since it has only released the first major growth for the title, which will be known as The Forsaken Crypts.

First, and probably the part that is most essential, the expansion will present three new boss caves. The very first is the Phoenix Spirit Citadel, which can be called an old, run-down marble castle. Next up is Dragon’s Heart Citadel. The next is titled Blood Soul Citadel and also is.

The growth is also set to add three brand new armor sets: Helios, Pyrant, and Dracul. The initial gives players a very higher defense, the next will provide bonuses while the third gives players a power.

A brand new trailer has been also released, which shows some of the content you off’ll get with the growth. You can check it out in the conclusion of the report.

The Forsaken Crypts ought to be available to download for everyone at this time, absolutely  at no cost.

Console versions are also planned but details are still unknown.

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