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Mega Man 11 Director Wants This to be the Mega Man That Fans “Have Been Waiting For”

Producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya admits that Oda-san approached him and said, “isn’t it about time that people create a brand new Mega Man game? ” That Oda-san admits that even though he’s worked on 2D action games in the past, he’s never worked on a Super Man game and has always wanted to. Oda-san spent much of his time reading fan surveys and feedback about Super Man and valued that the large vocal fanbase.

Oda-san continued to remind fans that he knows that it’s currently Capcom’s responsibility to deliver a genuine Mega Man experience. Also, he hopes that fans may delight in the development of the Super Man series because they provide it a contemporary allure. Ultimately, he would like to create long time Mega Man fans state, “We’ve been waiting for this! ” and 2D action fans to state , “Yes, here we go. That is what we desired”.

Oda-san concluded by stating, “Thanks so much for awaiting”

In case you missed this, take a look at the Mega Man 11 announcement trailer released this morning and also take a look at the information that all 8 Mega Man X games really are coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, along with PC.

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