Armored Core Gets Free PS4 Dynamic Theme to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Since declared yesterday, today From Software released a free Armored Core PS4 theme on the Western PlayStation Store.

It can be downloaded in the Japanese PlayStation Store, and in the moment of  this writing, there’s absolutely no information about it coming to the western stores.

The subject features icons and custom sounds and is dynamic. If you would like to find out what it looks like, then you can enjoy a movie recorded by yours truly along with several screenshots, in the base of the post.

This includes alongside the mention which the Armored Core series isn’t dead, and From Software expressly expressing the will to continue that, even when no exact announcements or claims besides that were made.

For now, we nowll have to be satisfied with the theme. In order to download and install it, then you are going to need a Japanese PSN account. If you don’t find out how to make one, you can discover how to, together with a few housekeeping tips, within our dedicated article. After setup, the motif will be accessible for every one of your accounts on exactly the PS4, as long as the console is installed as principal.

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