Beloved PlayStation Executive Shiro Kawauchi Retiring this Month

Asia Vice President of Software Business Shiro Kawauchi and today Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Declared his retirement, Together with December 15th being his last day on the job.

Kawauchi-san has been encouraged to his current place back in 2015, with the endeavor of leasing the next and third party game company for the Japanese and Asia area. He is probably best known for his work as President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea, a position he held from 2010 to 2015.

South Korea is one of the toughest Asian markets for console makers, since the nation’s gamers are focused on PC and mobile. However, Kawauchi-san’s direction involved the launch and expansion of PS4, and a growth of games localized in the language.

His business exploits alone don’t actually do justice Kawauchi-san is extremely popular and well-loved among local fans because of his action and his approach at direct contact with all the gaming community.

We have observed him die many times while trying a pioneer in Bloodborne, and chatting with all the fans in countless trade shows. Yet his image comes  in the PlayStation 4, during which he was moved to tears, making headlines worldwide and getting the affectionate nickname “ President Crybaby’s launch ceremony. ”

As an indication of his ties with the Korean branch of PlayStation, SJEK released a video with his latest interview.

From the video, that you may see below, Kawauchi starts by mentioning that now he isn’t going to cry, continuing by revealing a crystal PlayStation 4 that was gifted to him by PlayStation Korea, and that he brought back to Japan.

One of the job’s memories was the introduction of the PS4, in which he had been moved by the enthusiasm of the fans awaiting the console regardless of the freezing cold. In addition, he mentions that he’d love to travel to South Korea that working and living there has been a wonderful advantage to him and after he retires.

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