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Destiny 2 Update Increases Power Level Requirements; 4K and HDR Support Added

December 5th is a major evening for Destiny fans. The initial expansion for Destiny 2, Curse of Osiris, is available now featuring tons of new content. Therefore, a brand new patch (Update 1.1.0) has established alongside it tweaking some of the name’s gameplay.

As Destiny 2 is committing into the new expansion using a greater degree cap, the recommended Power for a number of the game’s actions have increased; events such as Strikes and Nightfalls will need a Power of 270 while the Leviathan Raid requires 300.

Furthermore, the anticipated 4K and HDR support for Destiny 2 was implemented. Xbox One X users can now have the popular shooter in 4K with large dynamic range lighting 4 Pro users may have “flexible” 4K which means it is going to scale the resolution up or down to keep frame rate.

A slew of fixes have been utilized to balance gameplay elements such as class skills, armor, weapons, UI, and even much more that aims to generate a favorable experience.

The add-on will feature a new campaign that formerly introduces Osiris, the very notorious Guardian in Destiny lore as well as the namesake for the Trials of Osiris action. It is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, also PC. Check out the Entire patch notes under:



    • Increased the damage dealt to supervisors from Super abilities
    • Adjusted the output of the Recovery stat so that characters with the lowest Retrieval totals will Begin regenerating slightly quicker
    • Decreased Pulse Grenade damage slightly and toned down the Degree of camera shake and controller rumble associated with every heartbeat
    • Reduced the recharge speed of additional grenade charges beyond the original
    • Normalized the recharge speed of Arcbolt along with Firebolt Grenades to coincide with the other grenade archetypes
    • Increased harm inflicted to combatants by Flashbang Grenade, Magnetic Grenade, Suppressor Grenade, Incendiary Grenade, Fusion Grenade, Jump Grenade, Flux Grenade, Arcbolt Grenade, Swarm Grenade, Tripmine Grenade, Storm Grenade, Firebolt Grenade, Axion Bolt, and Scatter Grenade.
    • Fixed a problem allowing the Titan’s Rally Barricade ability to generate unlimited ammo for specific weapon types
    • Fixed an issue allowing players to string Fist of Havoc skills indefinitely
    • Decreased the distance traveled in the air together with all the shoulder charge capacity when it is implemented without a target
    • Improved the Amount of solar hammers that can be thrown throughout the duration of this Hammer of Sol Super power
    • Extended the timer for your Hammer Attack’s weaken debuff by 1 minute and corrected a problem that has been causing the visual consequences to not signify the length properly
    • The Sunspot health regeneration enthusiast now lingers for 2 seconds after moving through a Sunspot
    • Tempered Metal and Sol Invictus no longer activate off combatant solar shield detonation kills

    • Arcstrider dodge now temporarily breaks tracking
    • The base duration of Golden Gun has become the Exact Same for both paths
    • Shadowshot now inhibits targets instantly on an immediate hit
    • Shadowshot no more tethers dropships
    • Increased the amount of time available to fire arrows while using the Moebius Quiver update of the Shadowshot Super skill
    • Explosive rounds no longer receive bonus damage from Empowering rift
    • The Heat Rises perk no more causes on destructible items
    • Updated the Devour perk description to correctly indicate that the capacity is triggered on kills
    • The Nova Bomb created by the Cataclysm upgrade maintains its initial speed for more before slowing down


    • Hunter leg armor with Survivalist stat bundle today grants Recovery

Exotic Amor

    • Mask of the Quiet One no longer grants energy when the wearer chooses damage from friendly players
    • Shield Bash now activates the Dreaded Visage perk on Mask of the Quiet One
    • significantly increased the damage dealt with ACD/0 Feedback Fence
    • Kills with the Fury Conductors perk on ACD.0 Feedback Fence now show correct icon in the kill feed
    • Adjusted the noodle recharge granted by Starfire Protocol to compensate for the global Reduction in the second grenade recharge speed
    • Enhanced ready and stow rate on Peacekeepers
    • Added an additional perk to Lucky Pants that tons a single bullet into the room of an stowed Hand Cannon if the player scores a precision hit with almost any weapon
    • Reworked Karnstein Armlets in 2 ways: on a melee hit, and the armlets today provide heightened Mobility and Recovery and highlight low-health goals; along with scoring a melee kill instantly restores a significant amount of the wearer’s health
    • Fixed an issue with Dunemarchers in which the Linear Actuators perk was not triggering consistently

  • Fixed an issue where players could occasionally become stuck at the Third Spire if attempting to visit the Flawless space
  • Fixed a problem at which of this Nine tooltip displayed the wrong fireteam demands
  • Fixed a problem where a few emotes would not play properly during the intro cinematic



  • left the missing buff icon when “The Floor Is Lava” challenge is finished
  • Fixed an issue causing level-up notifications to persist on-screen during Crucible games
  • Fixed a problem preventing eligible Exotic infusion material from displaying correctly in the extract screen
  • Reduced the frequency of this “HUD Disabled” warning revealed when the HUD is turned off via the HUD Opacity setting
  • Fixed a problem causing the player index about the destination map to be wrongly placed while the player is dead
  • The flashing nameplate index to get a player who is unable to launch an activity now shows appropriately to each of fireteam members
  • Fixed a problem where alarms could be ignored by bringing up the personality display
  • Fixed legibility issues with waypoint text and icons that were utilizing the Identical colour
  • Fixed an issue causing “No Kinetic Ammo” to temporarily appear when a player was swapping weapons
  • Fixed a problem where loot stream notifications would conceal loopholes
  • Orbit PGCR correctly displays player tooltip information
  • Fixed a problem where players could be told they possessed the Sturm Symbiosis ornament, even when they didn’t
  • Fixed a problem where “Aggressive” was hit the Give Them War emblem
  • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes be prevented by dismantling gear
4K along with HDR Support
  • Upgraded resolution to elastic 4K with high dynamic range lighting around the PlayStation 4 Guru
  • Upgraded resolution to 4K with high dynamic range lighting onto the Xbox One X

  • Fixed a problem causing music to fail to play when players were finishing the Exact Same adventure back-to-back
  • Fixed firing audio for your Hoosegow Rocket Launcher
  • Fixed an audio issue from the Memorialization replay sequence


  • Players can now leave the game using a control
  • Players can currently keybind into the NumPad if NumLock is active
  • The scroll wheel now works on equipment lore tabs
  • Fixed wake up from the New Pacific Arcology area of Titan
  • Fixed a source of random crashes
  • Fixed an issue that prevented fullscreen mode from working properly in rare situations
  • Improved the accuracy of the in game framerate counter under varying framerates on PC
  • Fixed an issue where Destiny 2 would crash upon shutdown
  • Increased font texture handling to Handle cases of stuttering or hitching
  • Fixed a problem where a few SLI configurations could cause framerate stuttering


  • Fixed an issue where open-world vendors Wouldn’t load properly, Leading to a crash
  • Fixed a problem where both players on the Identical network could crash when exiting an area simultaneously
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes be introduced into the wrong action
  • Fixed a problem where hitching would happen when conventional Chinese language was chosen
  • Additional secondary and tertiary sorting methods for the Vault
  • Fixed a problem that could lead to Beetle mistakes
  • Fixed a problem where Loot-a-Palooza and Dance Party keys failed to recover to the Postmaster
  • Fixed a problem causing improper lighting onto player boats if flying to destinations
  • Fixed numerous cases where players can Escape the environment in various destinations
  • Fixed a problem causing Louis to jitter erratically
  • Fixed a problem where the camera could rotate awkwardly upon personality respawn
  • Added missing Omolon emblem to Gunsmith rewards

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