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A Hat in Time Gets Launch Trailer for PS4 and Xbox One Release

Mixing together vibrant puzzle-solving, experience, and a dose of nostalgia for platformers in the ’90s and early 2000s, Gears for Breakfast’s A Hat in Time launched back in October on PC and Mac, also this week boils for PS4 and Xbox One owners.

A new launch trailer premiered for A Hat in Time to celebrate the game’s launch on consoles this week, together with the game accessible today on PS4 in the North America and Europe, also forthcoming one day after for Xbox One on December 7th, 2017.

A Hat in Time is created by Gears for Breakfast and can be published by Humble Bundle (as one of the first games being published by the company), together with the game having been funded through Kickstarter back in 2012. Particularly, the title’s programmers wanted the game to harken back into antique 3D platformers from the age of the N64 and GameCube, including titles like   Super Mario 64Banjo-Kazooie, along with  Super Mario Sunshine.

A Hat in Time is available now on PS4, PC, and Mac, and can arrive tomorrow, December 7th, for Xbox One. To get a closer look at the title with its console launch this week, one can check out the brand launch trailer below:

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