Justin Roiland’s VR Development Studio Rebranded Ahead of The Game Awards; Teases Announcement

Most of us know Justin Roiland, correct? Roiland, Co-creator of Rick and Morty?  And while he might have secured worldwide acclaim for a number of both of these roles, many forget that he co-owns Squanchtendo, a VR development studio with   Gears of War/Fortnite manufacturer Tanya Watson. Well… it used to be Squanchtendo.

As of now, the studio will then be titled “Squanch Games. ” Why? According to the press launch, they found a game business that was related with a name that was similar. ” After the quantity of Roiland’s patented hemming and hawing about the surprise of finding the next studio using “-tendo” within their title, the group chose to cut that part and cut back the title to Squanch Games. Y’understand, right before announcing it’s National Microwave Day. Really.

Apparently, that the Squanch Games team is creating reference to Nintendo. It doesn’t mention if this shift is a byproduct of actions from the writer or only a way for Squanch .

While is a tease, It Appears somewhat heavy-handed:

Well be occupied watching The Game Awards tomorrow. You should too! Especially the pre-show. It’s likely to be amazing!

Don ’ t feel awful in the event the simple fact that Justin Roiland possesses a VR studio is news for you. It looks like the studio has been in very active growth as it was first declared in August 2016, with only one official game on the books so far: Accounting, a PC exclusive. We will find out exactly what Squanch Games has up their sleeve tomorrow.

Naturally, you can check out the comic below which warrants this statement:

Justin Roiland's VR Development Studio Rebranded Ahead of The Game Awards; Teases Announcement

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