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Nintendo Switch Passes 2.5 Million Units Sold in Japan; PS4 Passes 5.5 Million Units

The latest Media Create results, along with historic data, confirm that the Nintendo Switch and PS4 both passed a revenue milestone in Japan.

The Switch handed 2.5 million units sold in the country, after just nine months out of its release on March 3rd. The nine-month timespan is actually quite precise since the latest Media Create launch is related to the week ending on December 3rd, using a complete law for Nintendo’s new console of 2.522.298 versions. That’s a massive acceleration from the gate despite deficits, and it’ll be fascinating to see whether it’ll slow down after initial demand is satisfied, or momentum will keep going.

The tally is sold. While the console has hit a good pace, its very first year and a half were extremely sluggish as a result of shortage of games dedicated to the Western marketplace, after by a large cross-generation period where games released also on PS3 decreased the appeal of this new console.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Switch will probably manage to catch up with the rival earlier items level off, but catching up using the Wii U will probably be much simpler, since the whole local earnings for Nintendo’s older console reaches  3,328,838.

Even with Japan’s notorious taste for portables, PS Vita is also going to be overtaken by PS4, that is units apart from its predecessor, which has sold  5,748,337 units.

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