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Okami HD for PS4, Xbox One, and PC Gets New Trailers: Itegami, Gekigami, Kabegami, and Orochi

Now Capcom released a new batch of trailers for its upcoming HD picture of the critically acclaimed Okami, aptly titled Okami HD.

First of all, we expect to see the three celestial brush gods, Itegami that the ox, Kabegami the cat, and Gekigami the tiger, together with the techniques they could supply Amaterasu with, Blizzard, Catwalk and Thunderstorm.

They permit Amaterasu to create ice methods, electrocute objects, and walk up walls and cliffs.

In addition to this, we get to see one of their most imposing youkai in the game, Orochi, who stands refuge the Moon Cave.

You may check out all of the videos below, showing the attractiveness of the game’s art left in high resolution a long time following the original on PS2’s launch. .  If you wish to see more, you can even delight in an earlier launch of trailers focusing on more gods along with youkai, another batch of trailers, also a third serving also showing the identical, an previous gallery of screenshotssome gameplay trailers, the first announcement, and even   more gameplay out of a while back.

Okami HD will start for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in North America and Europe on December 12th. The Japanese launch   will occur just a  few days later, on December 21st.

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