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The Darwin Project’s Next Closed Alpha Begins on December 15

As the battle royale genre continues to explode, a growing number of games are going into the fray with their own unique twist on it. DualShockers’ possess Noah Buttner got to try it out afterward and liked what he played. Today, developer Scavengers Studio declared that they will be holding a different Closed Alpha for the game beginning next weekend at December 15.

Especially, The Darwin Project’s next Closed Alpha will operate from December 15 at 3pm ET before December 17 at midnight. This Closed Alpha is available. The developers also gave some interesting stats in November’s Closed Alpha: the game gained over 1.5 million complete views on YouTube throughout that moment, and people observed 11 years-worth of this game on Twitch.

For those of you wondering how this Closed Alpha is different from preceding ones, players will be able to take the role of Show Director. The Show Director is still a role specific to The Darwin Project which has players  commanding  an omnipotent drone which can survey and mess with the players of every game. This includes being able to start a manhunt on a singular player and eliminating a zone out of play. The Show Director gets more powerful as the game goes on.

The Darwin Project is currently slated to launch on PC and Xbox One in 2018.

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