Stellaris – Humanoids Species Pack Released Today with a Spectacular Launch Trailer

Now, they published the next pack of that game’so set, titled the Humanoids Species Pack.

This DLC is available today on Steam and now prices $7.99, and also the name indicates, it includes humanoid influenced makeup and items to Stellaris. This includes new species pictures, ship models, audio track, and voice sets. Particularly two new boat models based off of “Humanity’s Imagination”, three voiceover collections for VIR, also 3 remixed music tracks to bolster the name’s soundtrack even more.

To accompany such an DLC’so launching, a trailer had been released giving players a flavor of a lot. If you wish to check out a few additional Stellaris associated content, you can check out the Artificial  Dawn Story Pack as well as also the Utopia expansion.

You are able to have a look at the launch trailer for your Stellaris – Humanoids Species Pack below.

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