Indie Mega Man-like Game 20XX Announced for PlayStation 4, Coming 2018

While we all wish to overlook games such as  Mighty No. 9, indie developer Batterycycle Games has been developing   20XX — a roguelike spin about the tried-and-true Blue Bomber formula.

But what precisely is 20XX? The game was a past Steam-exclusive title with quite clear inspirations in the Mega Man X series. However, unlike classic Mega Man game, the title sports on 100 powerups, daily/weekl  challenges, and internet (in addition to local) multiplayer. Adding to this is Daily and Weekly challenges and permadeath (from the style of many roguelites).

Even the name is a clear reference for  Mega Man.

This is obviously not the statement of PlayStation Expertise with some nostaliga ties. Fans were delighted with the show of MediEvil, coming in 4K fully remastered in 2018.

As mentioned, 20XX is currently available only on PC; the game will be coming to PlayStation 4 sometime in 2018. Take a Look at the preview below:

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