Media Molecule’s PS4 Exclusive Dreams Gets Colorful New Screenshots

Adhering to the PlayStation Experience launching demonstration, and also the re-unveiling of all Dreams after a long time behind the scenes, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Media Molecule introduced a press kit with a few new screenshots of the game.

The screenshots include a variety of characters and environments, all made using the game’so development resources that are intuitive and powerful. I am certainly interested in trying them out.

As well as the gameplay now that we saw earlier, this is just as far as we got. No release date was announced on the game, and Media Molecule did not even share a window for the beta. Is that itll come in 2018.

You can check out the screenshots in the gallery below. If you want to find out more, it is also possible to have a look at now’s gameplay, also the trailer revealed in The Game Awards yesterday evening.   Tomorrow there will be a dedicated panel, therefore we should really get to watch and heard more. I wouldn’t anticipate any dates.

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