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Iron Harvest Receives New Video Showcasing Destructive Gameplay and More

Earlier this season, we obtained our first glance of gameplay, and now, the developers released a new gameplay movie showing a number of Iron Harvest’s lively environmental destruction and other gameplay elements they have added lately.

The movie is in fact based on the titular “Tech and Controls Demo” which the development group has been working to put together this season. The game is still in somewhat year, quite active development, so a few of what’s revealed  in the demo may change prior to release, but today, Iron Harvest looks quite promising.

As I mentioned before, Iron Harvest has a very dynamic devastation system, that enables players to ruin a majority of those buildings and objects which populate the world so as to remove or create protect. After demonstrating how the destruction and insure system function, the movie goes on to highlight several other significant things included in this demo, such as squads, pathfinding, different weapons and harm types, reworked UI, and working controls.

At the conclusion of the video, the developers confirm that they’ll begin development of this game’s 1v1 multiplayer mode early next calendar year. The movie then finishes by providing us a peek of Iron Harvest’s main menu, that contains tabs labeled Campaign, Multiplayer (which also teases a vs. AI mode), Settings, and Game.

You are able to have a look at the brand new gameplay below.

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