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Attack on Titan 2 Gets New and Epic TV Commercial

Now Koei Tecmo published a new TV commercial for its upcoming anime-inspired game Attack on Titan 2.  

The industrial sticks to the semi-brief thirty-second format that’s common to many TV advertisements, but manages to adhere a number of scenes in, the majority of which are rather beautiful 3D renditions of scenes from the anime. Add some really epic music into the mixture, and you have a winner.

You can delight in the video below. If you would like to see more,  you can also take a look at a heap of screenshots from earlier this month  together with the prior TV commercial, the most recent story trailer  much more screenshots introducing more members of this throwa current gameplay preview the first gameplay and maybe even  more action that we filmed off the display of a demonstration channel at Paris Games Week. We also heard from Producer Hisashi Koinuma himself on the explanations for why the game has been ported to Nintendo Switch.

The Japanese release will be just five days before, on March 15th. We haveta give it to Koei Tecmo, as they’re getting fairly good at releasing games from the west close to their Japanese counterparts.

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