Enter the Gungeon Sells Over 75,000 Copies on Nintendo Switch in Two Weeks

Developer Dodge Roll occurred on Twitter to declare that their bullet hell name  Enter the Gungeon has sold 75,000 copies in a couple of weeks on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

It’so great to listen to yet another indie success story on the Nintendo Switch, especially considering Enter the Gungeon is a wonderful title also. I was disappointed that it made its way onto the PS Vita back when it first released in 2016 on the PS4.

Should you’re not knowledgeable about  the gameit’s’s an overhead roguelike bullet hell shooter where you play as one of four figures, each with their own special skills, since they descend in the Gungeon.The name borrows a great deal of mechanics which have been around for a while whilst integrating its own mix of unique weapons, bosses, and aesthetically pleasing areas to research. Not to mention it can be quite brutal at times so players searching for a challenge needs to have a great deal of fun. There’s also a slew of things to find and perform in Enter the Gungeon so players will have a lot of reasons to go back and find test every nook and cranny.

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