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Former Bioshock Infinite Developer has Returned to 2K Games to Work on an Unannounced Project

Shawn Elliott was a vital level designer about the Irrational Games development group that introduced  Bioshock Infinite almost five years ago. As demonstrated by a work switch on his LinkedIn page, it looks like Elliott’s future is now once again tied into 2K Games.

Elliott now lists herself as a Principle Combat Designer in a new 2K Games studio situated in Novato, California. 2K Games already has Hangar 13, the programmer of Mafia III, in Novato, however this brand new wing of 2K that Elliott is currently working at presently hasn’t been disclosed.

Of course, the easiest conclusion to draw here is that Elliott could be working on another game in the   Bioshock franchise. Despite Irrational Games — programmer of  Bioshock and   Bioshock Infinite — shrinking in size and moving to new projects, 2K Games remains the license holder of this  Bioshock IP. There’s absolutely no promise that Elliott along with the team at the unannounced 2K Novato studio will soon be working on a Bioshock game, however, bringing in one of the franchise’s important designers definitely raises some intriguing questions.

Still, it’s crucial to state that we likely won’t know what this brand new game is for quite a while, as this studio in Novato is only getting off the ground. Just after that the studio has hired all its new workers will they probably begin full development on anything this undertaking may be.

The   Bioshock franchise is much too popular and Infinite sold too nicely for 2K Games to allow the series remain dormant indefinitely. Even though Elliott and the rest of the team at Novato aren’t working on the next iteration of Bioshock, it looks like just a matter of time before the latest installment in the franchise will be revealed.

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