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Fortnite Development Team Addresses Missing Inventory Issue and How Affected Players Will Be Compensated

A few  Fortnite players might have been affected by an issue on December 27 after the release of a new build of this game. The issue would result in players losing their whole inventory, their Storm Shield storage, or even not receiving V-Bucks they bought with real money.

Should you’re a player that has been affected, the development group has assured a ton of rewards to compensate for its reductions in the kind of things, V-Bucks and much more. They’re now looking further into the Storm Shield storage issue and will be upgrading players in a subsequent moment. What’s more, players that weren’t granted any V-Bucks after purchasing some will be given an equivalent or greater amount.

Also, it’s worth noting that the team is thinking about doing a additive restore on players’ lost items later on. They didn’t offer a specific timeframe as to if this will be implemented nevertheless Creative Director, Darren Sugg, stated that “we will make it occur. ”

Fortnite: Battle Royale is presently one of the most common free-to-play tactics to experience the Battle Royale genre. The game is available now in Early Access On Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Should you’re a Fortnite player that has been experiencing issues, you can speak to the Player Support agents on the game’s official website.

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