Pick, Trade, and Eat Nature’s Cap in Mushrooms: Forest Walker

Perhaps you have wondered exactly what wild mushrooms taste like? Perhaps you have always wanted to try swarming, but are you too frightened you could eat the wrong person? Or maybe you like tromping around the woods with a target but can never get the time off to do it. Mushrooms: Forest Walker,  that received a new trailer today, may very well be the game for you.

Back in Mushrooms: Forest Walker, you can exactly that… walk into the forest and simmer for mushrooms. More importantly, players can search from the woods for mushrooms with their own in-game smartphone to browse, take pictures and identify every type they locate, and should they’re the one you’re searching for, you are able to select it.

It doesn’t finish there though.   Mushrooms: Forest Walker is a game of survival. Camping, crafting , and cooking will get you through the night, leaving daylight for mushroom foraging. Cooking will, naturally, comprise the edible mushrooms that you find out in the forest. The game also includes non-edible mushrooms, so that you’ll have to make sure that you’re cooking the appropriate ones. Elixers and exclusive combinations can be made as well for healing properties and special quests for NPCs.

Earth really has quite a lot of flora. Especially, different mushrooms grow exclusively in various components of the worlds. The game also offers co-op and special challenges for multiplayer.

To increase the character walk-about vibe,   the developers are even focusing on a VR version of the game.   Mushrooms: Forest Walker is set to release at 2018. You can find more about the game on their Steam site.

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