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Battle Princess Madelyn Gets New Screenshots for the New Year

Battle Princess Madelyn is exactly what you get when a game programmer has a kid and adores her so much he puts her in a game. It began as a Kickstarter job, which then quickly met its financing goals, and is set to release in February 2018. Today we now have a ton of new screenshots.

Chris Obritsch of Casual Bit Games is a game developer with a young daughter named Madelyn, and being such a wonderful dad, he placed her in her own game.   A significant inspiration out of Ghouls and Ghosts may be viewed immediately, with a rather similar running and jumping animation, but rather than Arthur, the protagonist is an armored young girl called Madelyn.

In the trailer seen here, her armor varies based on the levels and equipment available. Different armor seems to get distinct motions connected with that. In accordance with Obritsch, the game will probably differ in Ghouls and Ghosts in that players may return to past levels to discover hidden secrets. In that way, it seems like Shovel Knight at which the first idea is inspired by classics, but enlarged upon with 21st-century ideas.

Battle Princess Madelyn reached CA$212,665 on Kickstarter and is intended for launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Steam, and a DRM-free PC version in February 2018. Other stretch targets attained contain a PS Vita port, a soundtrack, and a plushie of Madelyn.

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