Last Man Sitting Gets a Wild New Trailer

Last Man Sitting is an busy indie game where your objective is to be certain you’re buttocks is the last one implanted in a office chair.

Now, this sounds easy but as soon as you throw in a major group of players, shotguns, rocket sticks, giant sport balls, and even more into the mixture, it will become a bit harder. At  Last Man Sitting, the only means that you move is utilizing the recoil from whichever weapon you’re using from this game.

According to the game’s designer and artist, Kevin Suckert, the game could have two major game modes. The first being your typical team deathmatch, while the second will be a Battle Royale game mode very similar to that which you’d need in Player Unknown Battlegrounds or even  Fortnite: Battle Royale, except on a much bigger scale.

You are able to check out the brand new trailer below.

If you’d like to read more into the game it’s possible to follow Suckert on Twitter or head over to the game’s official Reddit forum to get updates and talk about the game directly using its own creators.

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