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Fallen Legion+ Bundles Two Games Together on PC; Launches with an Engaging Gameplay Trailer

Now, Programmer YummyYummyTummy released Fallen Legion+, That Packs Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire (a former PS4 exclusive) and Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion (a former PS Vita exclusive), on PC. As is generally the case if a game comes out, the developers released a launch trailer that showcases a few gameplay.

For those curious about who Fallen Legion+ plays, the game is a story-driven, sidescrolling action-RPG that has players creating combos with the attacks of different members of  the party. The game also makes the player make several tough decisions on the fly which can affect the story in a substantial way. Fallen Legion+ also has ton of fine looking hand-drawn art for the characters and environments.

As for the story, Sins of an Empire follows a princess named Cecille because she tries to travel home after a coup, attempting to restore her crumbling empire on the way. Meanwhile, the Flames of Rebellion targets Legatus Laendur, who started the coup, as he fights to capture control of the empire.

The PC variant of those titles are mostly the same as the console counterparts, though they do include Russian, Chineses, and Bahasa Indonesian translations, keyboard and mouse support, Steam Achievements, and Steam Cloud saves. You can have a look at the complete gameplay launching preview for Fallen Legion+ below.

Those of you who would like a Nintendo Switch variation have been in luck, as NISA lately announced which they would be assisting YummyYummyTummy with releasing Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory, which also packages both Fallen Legion titles, on the console/handheld hybrid vehicle.

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