Switch-exclusive Breakdancing Indie Floor Kids Pushes Update, Fixing Bugs and More

Representing the largest update because the game came out, developer MERJ introduced a new update for Floor Kids that simplifies a multitude of requests and bugs that lovers of this special name have been clamoring for. These new developments include new localization options, sped up card collection, and having the ability to manage the rare situation in which you connect in a PvP dance-off.

News comes by means of this  Floor Kids official website, that listed out each of the changes. It is possible to view a full listing — such as the brand new features and all the bug fixes — in the bottom of the report.

What’s  Floor Kids? The name is (currently) a Nintendo Switch unique rhythm game which places the focus of gameplay on freestyling. Employing a special art style and setting, the game concentrates on an inner-city dancing gardening warfare, at which the player must “split” their way to the hearts of their masses and recruit new members to join the team.

Check out the updates for the game, below:

Improvements: – Increased transitions out of Freeze moves and made them more responsive. – Unlock place moments more visible. – Character select defaults to previously selected. – Multiplayer results today defines the winner more obviously. – Managing a fascination with multiplayer. – Toprock tutorial instructs you to come back to toprock in case in another class. – Sped up card wages set. – Added Strobe education to Controls screen. – Added Strobe trick to loading screen. – Saving speech change selection. – Ability and Freeze bonus screen upgrade. – Credits update to add localization team, updates to thank you segment. – Multiplayer chorus strikes utilize stereo panning for sound feedback. Various bug fixes – Flavor Bonus no further activates on round exit from multiplayer. – Particle effects adjusted for player 2. – Combo move record transparency cartoon. – No more see map perspective after affirming a place selection. – Proceed name updates in Breakdeck. – Move name not appearing sometimes on first move done. – Can no longer jump through Ability tutorial with any electricity transfer. – Hops today rely up in results. – Removed additional red highlighted squares by looking in chorus game. – Improved confirmation screen performance. – Improved scrolling behaviour in options menu and results displays. – Different crowd character positioning tweaks.

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