Splatoon 2’s January Splatfest Pits Two Film Genres Against One Another

Should you’re kicking around in Splatoon 2 like me, you’ll probably be very pleased to hear that Nintendo has shown the latest Splatfest event coming to the game this month. For the very first time, Splatoon 2 will pit two popular movie genres against another, action and humor.

Like every Splatfest, players will have the chance to choose their respective sides a few days ahead of the actual event. Back in Japan, on the flip sidein the event will start at 3:00 p.m. on January 13. For Europe, the event will start on following Saturday at 12:00 U.K. time.

In other   Splatoon 2 news, the game obtained two big updates before the end of the year. The very first of those two fell back in late November. It included in four new aggressive multiplayer maps, a bunch of new weapons, a Salmon Run point, added hairstyles, equipment and a whole lot more. The next fell in late December and included in a brand new competitive multiplayer mode. In spite of all of these new additions, Nintendo has added more weapons in addition to some little bug fixes. At length, Splatoon 2’s pink and green Joy-Con are reportedly likely to be more marketed at retailers across the U.S. sometime this season.

Personally, the decision is easy for me, activity over comedy daily.   Splatoon 2 is available right now exclusively about the Nintendo Switch.

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