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Dragon Ball FighterZ Receives New Trailer Focusing on Goku Black

As Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming its release in a couple of months, Bandai Namco Entertainment still proceeds to release movies relating to this build hype for its fighting game. This includes things like making videos with Green Bay Packers players and putting out a number of personality breakdown movies.

While the personality trailer is rather brief, we do have a brief look at a number of Goku Black’s powerful and flamboyant moves. Luckily, Goku Black does play very differently in regular Goku in the game, therefore any worries of him being a simple clone character should be removed away. Though a few of Goku Black’s strikes may take more than several other characters, he’s got an extremely helpful teleport and hits really hard.

For those of you who aren’t conscious, Dragon Ball FighterZ is the newest fighting game by Arc System Works, known for both the BlazBlue along with Guilty Gear fighting game series. This game relies on the ultra-popular Dragon Ball franchise and also will let players fight different characters from the series in a gorgeous   2.5D artwork style in equally single-player and on the internet.

You are able to have a look at the new Goku Black video under. DragonBall FighterZ is likely to launch PC, PS4, and Xbox One January 26, but will have an Open Beta next week.

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