Nvidia Announces Freestyle to Apply Filters to PC Games while You Play and More

During Nvidia’s CES Press summit, the graphics card maker announced new features for the Geforce Experience customer starting tomorrow (January 9th).

The Ansel characteristic got a brand new UI, also eight new filters have been added, together with the ability to combine unique filters.

Speaking of filters, the most interesting feature is most likely Freestyle, which allows you employ post-process filters to confirmed games as you play with the Geforce Experience overlay.

This includes fifteen unique filters using 38 presets, such as dramatic ones such as HDR. You can find the list of supported games here and a list of filters under.

  • Black and White
  • Shade
  • Colorblind
  • Contrast
  • Details
  • Exposure
  • Half Tone
  • Disposition
  • Nighttime Mode
  • Retro
  • Sepia
  • Vignette
  • Depth of Field
  • Specific FX
  • Adjustments

It’s definitely interesting, as it’s executed in a driver level, and does the job for which you used to need awkward injectors.

Some interesting settings include a dedicated manner for this will help colorblind players view a clearer image and a Night Mode that reduces blue similar to what is built into cellular phones. It’ll essentially allow you to sleep easier after gambling all evening.

In order to get the new features, you’ll should download the new version of Geforce Experience (3.12) as well as the new Nvidia driver (launch 390), if they are available on January 9th. You’ll also need to trigger the “Experimental Features” option in Geforce Experience‘s settings.

I don’t know about you, but for me personally, this is unquestionably more interesting of the statements that we have past year.

Below you can check out a preview showing the newest features, and a second video introducing a few massive 65-inch 4K HDR screens for PC gaming, that were introduced in the show.

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