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Recent Fortnite Login Issues and Service Instability Caused by Meltdown Prevention Update

Epic Games’ co-op-building-game-turned-battle-royale Fortnite has hit several bumps recently because players began reporting issues with the game changing connectivity when trying to log into. These recent hitches, but have turned out to be the end result of a much-needed upgrade to stop vulnerabilities within the game itself.

Further explanation of the Meltdown vulnerability can be seen here. A chart of backend service CPU utilization can be seen below.

The “Meltdown” vulnerability permit programs to steal information, including sensitive data, from the affected computer or cloud system. Fortnite, as it turns out, runs much of its backend procedures through a cloud support– thankfully that cloud support has implemented an update to prevent this vulnerability.

This upgrade more than doubled the CPU use on Epic Games’ Cloud servers and caused players to run into trouble when attempting to log in, or even remain connected to the game.

In a current article, Epic Games has said that these problems may persist throughout the week because sed cloud providers are upgraded further. Players have found it especially hard in the last few days to accrue  battle pass points towards this year’s unlockable skins.

Fortnite is available now for your Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It is also possible to check out the hottest Holiday upgrade and all the game’s newest developments here.

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