Bayonetta 2 on Nintendo Switch Will Feature amiibo Support, Local Multiplayer, and Touch Controls

After the surprise announcement of   Bayonetta 3 at the Game Awards, Nintendo Switch fans eager to check out the adventures of the famed Umbran Witch will get their chance to experience her initial two experiences each month with the upcoming launch of Bayonetta 2 (plus the initial game) about the Switch, with fresh specifics about the approaching vent demonstrated by Nintendo.

Over on the official UK webpage for your game over Nintendo’s site, the company demonstrated that Bayonetta 2 for your Nintendo Switch will feature compatibility with the line of amiibo figurines to unlock new costumes and weapons from the game. The unlockable costumes and weapons have been brought over from the game’s first launch on Wii U and while players can still unlock those things normally through enjoying the game, people who have the compatible amiibo figurines will be able to unlock them instantly, though specifics on which amiibo will work (or never) harbor’t been revealed yet.

Besides this amiibo support for its second game, Nintendo also has revealed that the forthcoming Nintendo Switch variant will also bring over touch controls on the Switch’s screen to offer a simpler controller scheme for players less familiar with action games, and may also supply exclusive neighborhood multiplayer support for your game’s “Tag Climax” multiplayer style. This is going to be in addition to the online mode available for your style (that was formerly from the Wii U variant), although local multiplayer will require each player to get a copy of the game.

Bayonetta 2 along with the first name will release for the Nintendo Switch on February 16th, 2018.

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