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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Gets New Update on PC; Includes Bug Fixes, Energy Drink Redesign, and More

Since it surfaced Early Access last March and eventually established this past month, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has shown little signs of slowing with regular fresh updates and articles being added, with PC players obtaining a new upgrade on the horizon.

A new article on the community discussion for   PUBG on Steam revealed that a new update will be heading to the game’s PC model, hot on the heels of this recently-released patch for your Xbox One variant of the title. In particular, the new update packs in bug fixes and seeks to tackle more of this game’s technological performance, while presenting some new cosmetic alterations, like a new design for the energy beverage so that it appears like a knockoff Red Bull can.

As stated by the post from PUBG Corps, the newest upgrade will be implemented today to the game’s evaluation machine, and will move on to the live servers in a later time when the patch has been stabilized and and analyzed among the playerbase.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is accessible now on PC and Xbox One.

To get a closer look at what’s in store for the upcoming patch, you can check out the Entire patch notes under:

  • Added more objects across La Bendita on Miramar to increase the amount of cover
  • Reduced the observable distance when parachuting down so as to Check the optimization of server and client performance in the first phases of this game
  • Altered the design of the energy drink
  • Adjusted the group team colours (players 1~4) to reflect their callout titles (orange, yellow, blue, green)
    • Adjusted squad team colors to make them more consistent between distinct colorblind choices
  • Added a role where a player can pick more detailed standards for its “Cheating” category in the in-game report instrument
    • You can choose multiple items or you can just report without choosing any of these
  • While player’s nameplate is around (H key), now you can check the current weapon of the player by pressing G key
  • Added report button at replay
    • Report button pops up when pressing RMB about the player list (TAB key)
    • when observing / subsequent mode, report button appears on the deadline (J crucial)
  • Added a maintenance package icon changing effect according to this status
    • The icon will likely be different Once the care package is diminishing along with blindsided from additional players
  • Adjusted replay system to ensure now a player can watch the playoffs with no delay in the following cases
    • Solo mode
    • Once the player won the game
    • After all players have been removed
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the problem where a player lands from the plane the Place of character teleports intermittently
  • Fixed the problem where personality animation is frozen when rejoining after a wreck
  • Fixed the issue in which the red zone disappears instantly after it formed
  • Fixed the issue where some vehicles spawned on Miramar are adhered to an object and Not Able to move
  • fix the problem where a player sometimes could not pass through a doorway Though It was available
  • Fixed the issue where mouse cursor would disappear on a playoff map
  • Fixed the issue where replay and death camera were played, the crosshair was bouncing
  • Fixed the issue where the falling rate plate text was showing thickly in Portuguese
New Contents
  • Added two new crates (paid or free)

    • You can open the paid crate box with the Early Bird key That Is purchasable in Steam market
  • To Be Able to Check the equilibrium, 100,000 BP and 6 keys will be given to each account (test server only)

  • The below chart shows the crate box fall speed

    • The newest free/paid cage box includes a 40% drop rate and the Prior cage boxes(Wanderer and Survivor) have a 10% drop rate
    • DESPERADO (brand new paid cage box) : 40%
    • BIKER (new free crate box) : 40%
    • Wanderer : 10 percent
    • Survivor : 10%
  • The below graph shows the individual drop rate per item which can be got through the newest free/paid crate boxes. (displayed down to 2 decimal places)

    DESPERADO things

    • Sleeveless Turtleneck Top (Gray) : 8.00%
    • Leather Boots (Black) : 8.00 percent
    • Punk Knuckle Gloves (Black) : 7.50 percent
    • Baggy Pants (Black) : 7.50%
    • Striped Tank-top : 7.50%
    • Wide Pants (Red) : 7.50 percent
    • Punk Knuckle Gloves (Red) : 7.00 percent
    • Sleeveless Turtleneck (Black) : 7.00 percent
    • Baggy Pants (Brown) : 5.00 percent
    • Long Leather Boots (Brown) : 5.00%
    • Striped Shirt (Gray) : 5.00 percent
    • Beanie (Brown) : 5.00 percent
    • Horn-rimmed Glasses (Black) : 4.50 percent
    • Training Pants (Light Blue) : 4.50 percent
    • Leather Boots (Brown) : 4.50%
    • Horn-rimmed Glasses (Brown) : 2.50%
    • Aviator Sunglasses : 1.30%
    • Checkered Jacket : 1.30 percent
    • Long-sleeved Leather Shirt : 0.60%
    • Leather Hoodie (Black) : 0.32 percent
    • Leather Hoodie (White) : 0.32 percent
    • Fabric Mask (Leopard) : 0.16 percent
  • BIKER things

    School Shoes (Brown) : 15.00%

    Raglan top : 10.00%

    T-shirt (Pink striped) : 10.00%

    Polka Dot T-shirt : 10.00%

  • School Shoes (Black) : 5.00%

  • Skinny Jeans (Khaki) : 5.00%

  • Gas Mask (Half) : 4.50%

  • Beanie (Gray) : 4.50%

  • Sleeveless Turtleneck (Red) : 4.50%

  • Skinny Jeans (Pink) : 2.50%

  • Patrol Cap (Brown) : 1.20%

  • Sleeveless Turtleneck (Gray Striped) : 1.20%

  • Patrol Cap (Gray) : 0.40%

  • Biker Pants (Black) : 0.40%

  • Floral Shirt (White) : 0.26%

  • Sneakers (Black) : 0.26%

  • Padded Jacket (Purple) : 0.06%

  • Princess Power Tank-top : 0.06 percent

  • Floral Shirt (Black) : 0.05 percent

  • Biker Pants (Gray) : 0.05 percent

  • Aviator Goggles : 0.03 percent

  • Sleeveless Biker Jacket (Brown) : 0.01%

  • Sleeveless Biker Jacket (Black) : 0.01%

  • Cloth Mask (Checkered) : 0.01%

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