Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall Expansion Adds Georgia, Led by Tamar

The launch of Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Fall and Development, the very first large expansion pack for the popular strategy game, is just under a month off. Recently, Firaxis and 2K have been building up anticipation for the launch by introducing new Civilizations along with leaders which are included in the expansion, and today, they unveiled one more. Georgia continues to be revealed as the next Civilization to be contained in Fall and Rise and will likely be directed by Tamar, one of Georgia’s more prominent rulers.

For all those of you who harbor’t heard of Tamar, she had been born a princess of Georgia, and rose to power and became ruler of Georgia despite any resistance. During her period in charge, she expanded the domain that Georgia had, while also being quite religious and supporting the arts.

The unique ability of Georgia is known as “Strength in Unity” and allows players to which gives players additional bonuses when entering a Golden Age. Meanwhile, Tamar’s unique ability, “Glory of the World, Kingdom, and also Religion”, provides Georgia additional  faith at the start of a Protectorate War and more envoys to ship to city-states that discuss the same religion.

When it comes to unique components, Georgia has got the Khevsureti, a melee unit that sees combat bonuses on hilly terrain while ignoring its movement penalties. As for the unique building/improvement, there’s the Tsikhe, which replaces the Renaissance Walls, having a lower production cost and providing religion.

You can check out the First Search video for Tamar and Georgia below.

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