Strikers Edge Gets Release Date Bringing Dodgebrawl Action to PS4 and PC

Strikers Edge is a fast  multiplayer game that features a roster of eight playable historical warrior personalities from other eras and cultures. Players must aim their various attacks at competitions while dodging and finding cover to prevent them from being attacked in return.

Presently, there are four distinct regions to choose from which every attribute diverse hazards and obstacles in addition to different strategies to get away from the opponents attacks.

Strikers Edge is played on the internet or through local multiplayer battle, with a variety of different manners. 1 mode, exclusive to the Steam version, is “Twitch Mode”, where audiences in the Twitch chat can mess with the player’s match by picking different modifiers and bonuses to add to the match.

Additionally, to celebrate the launching, Fun Punch Games will sponsor two special Twitch live streams during Striker Edge’s final Steam Open Beta session. Players will be able to watch the game’s developers and other beta testers go head to head.

You can look at some screenshots as well as the announcement preview below:

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