Developers at Bluepoint Games Discuss the Process of Remastering Old Titles in New Video

Bluepoint Games has been most easily identified because a “remaster studio” due to its work attracting older games like the Uncharted trilogy, Gravity Rush, and   God of War to present generation platforms over the years. While this work often goes unnoticed, there’s a certain art and skill which is included with these vents that may often get overlooked.

In a new video courtesy of Sony, we must meet a number of the important  members of Bluepoint Games’ development group to find out more about just what goes into developing a remastered game. The movie centers around Bluepoint since they work with their most recent project, the forthcoming  Shadow of the Colossus.

Among the more interesting tidbits from the movie comes when manufacturer Randall Lowe discusses how the staff in Bluepoint Games approaches each project. Basically they’re only knowledgeable about every game that they remaster as a product that they played as a consumer. They don’t know what design choices the developers of this game might have set into each game. This leads the staff in Bluepoint to do extensive research on the first layout notes and artwork that was associated with the game so that if they really do add a new component or update to the remaster, it feels true to the original developers that made it. Bluepoint is by no way appearing to incorporate new attributes simply to make it their very own.

There’s plenty of other interesting details spread across the movie that anybody who likes remastered games will certainly find fascinating. It’s’s quite insightful to learn more about this process from a team that’s now so innately acquainted with it.

The full video can be located at the bottom of the page if you’re inclined to test it out on your own.

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