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Gravel’s Porsche Rallye DLC Pack Unveiled as A Pre-Order Bonus on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Even though Gravel’s launch is still over a month away, developer   Milestone and writer Square Enix revealed the Porsche Rallye DLC Pack for your game. While players will be able to purchase the DLC frequently, it will also be included as both a digital and physical pre requisite bonus on all platforms.

This DLC includes two automobiles, both the Porsche 924 GTS Rallye along with also the Porsche 959 Rallye, along with three official badges in the 1981, 1982, and 1986 Fight events for players to earn. Both of those included vehicles are famous sports automobiles famous because of their rally racing characteristics; the companion car, the 911 RSR Rallye, is currently available in the game regularly.

For those who didn’t understand, Gravel is a much arcadey racing game that has players engaging  in a bogus TV show. In total, the game includes 50 distinct racetracks which are dispersed across fifteen different places around the world. These various tracks all fall under four unique disciplines: Wild Rush, Cross Country, Speed Cross, along with Stadium. To be able to beat the game’so called Career manner, players might have to master and beat the top racers of all four areas.

You are able to have a look at a new trailer below that highlights the Porche Rallye DLC Pack below. Gravel is currently set to start on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 27. If you want to see DualShockers’ thoughts on a previous build of this game, you now can take a look at our trailer from last year.

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