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Rad Rodgers Is a Kid’s Adventure Gone Crude, Coming February for Consoles

THQ Nordic includes a cutesy looking side-scrolling adventure coming from the pipe.   Rad Rodgers celebrities a blond boy along with his  eponymous old game console, Dusty, to get a fun and exciting new adventure. At least, that’s what the first couple of seconds of the trailer will have you believe.

Rad Rodgers is really a game about a punk kid that plays too many video games that falls asleep through a heavy gaming session also wakes up in a world in which his retro game console comes to life. This child, Rodgers, is currently starring in his very own video game experience, however it’s not as cute and plucky. It’s savage rather primitive. A whole lot of blood spills from enemies, bullets fly everywhere, and everyone cracks shrewd and swears. The console is evidenced by John St. John if that gives any indication of where this game is located.

The MIDI-inspired musical composition from Andrew Hulshult brings out the royal inspiration in a way that nods to the past instead of copying it. It’s if you grew up enjoying the plucky, adorable side-scrollers of the past and need to reevaluate it, but they also played too much Gears of War across the way.

Rad Rodgers is accessible today on PC, and is coming to PS4 and Xbox One on February 21. Have a Look at the reveal trailer below:

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