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Report: Nintendo Switch Was Best-Selling Console in US for December; Xbox One and PS4 Follow

Though the official NPD figures will arrive only following week, they all’re at the control of the relevant parties, and Xbox Games advertising  General Manager Aaron Greenberg let the kitty out of the bag on Twitter.

According to Greenberg, statistics from the NPD reveals that the Nintendo Switch has been the best-selling console at the U.S. in December, followed by the Xbox One, and then by PS4. In addition, he added that Microsoft’s console had its greatest December share.

It’s possible to read the applicable tweets below.

This looks like a very different result from November, in which the PS4 arrived on top. That being said, it’s not surprising, considering that Sony’s console has been heavily discounted over the Thanksgiving period, meaning that most of people who wanted to buy one, probably did afterward, and didn’t wait until December.

It’ll be interesting to see if Nintendo can send a media release regarding the outcome, as they did if the Switch on top of the charts from October.

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