Contagion VR: Outbreak Demo Is Available Now on Steam with a Full Release Coming Soon

Developer Monochrome Corp has released a demo from their upcoming VR sequel to both  Contagion.

You can get the demo for free by visiting the name’s official Steam webpage. Players can expect to play with various single-player or cooperative game modes.   Now you’ll be able to have the origin stories of numerous characters seen in the first name. Cooperative mode will allow you to survive alongside your friends or compete in shooting range challenges.

There’ll also be a PVP manner included in Contagion VR: Outbreak which pits you against other players. There aren’t lots of details about this manner so it’s uncertain whether it’ll be similar to the PVP modes found in the original name. Additional if you still’d like to provide any personal comments on the VR game the evolution group is available on their official Discord host.

The game is multiplayer focused with multiple game modes that ask that you work from other players. Zombies clutter each map and behave as ecological dangers for the players. Should you’re murdered you develop into a zombie and need to make it as hard as possible for all other players to acquire. I played the game for a while and really found it to be rather a lot of fun and a profitable experience whether or not I used to be a zombie or even a person.

As of right now Contagion and   Contagion VR: Outbreak can be found only on PC. You can take a look at the trailer for the newest VR title down below.

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