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Monster Hunter World TV Commercial Reveals the Return of Kirin

Capcom shown another favorite monster returning to Monster Hunter World via a TV commercial for Japan that looked today.

The commercial had been recorded off the TV and published on YouTube by user sute aka, also in the end it gives a brief glance of Kirin.

While it appears as a unicorn and is named after a conventional monster from Asian and Japanese folklore, is really an elder dragon in Dragon Hunter, also includes thunder-based strikes, extremely thick skin and a delicate horn serving as a weak point. From the commercial, it’s shown at the Coral Highlands area.

Here you can have a look at the commercial itself, and also a movie by YouTube consumer Arekkz, who explains it much better than I ever can.

If you want to see more of Monster Hunter World, you can enjoy a huge batch of gameplay showing the Coral Highlands (that seem to be where Kirin makes its lair),  the newest trailer featuring the other elder dragons and morea humorous commercial from Sony, and   all the news demonstrated Friday (such as those only for Japan). In the event you prefer looking at the game on your own, you may also read all the details about the upcoming open beta  which will begin on January 19th.

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