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Super Meat Boy’s Day 1 Switch Sales Rival Xbox 360; Will Port Switch-Exclusive Features to PC

Long before couple of games and mobile apps became the market trend, Super Meat Boy has been the exception-to-the-rule indie darling that moved from Newgrounds Flash game to multi-console hit on. The game came to consoles Xbox 360 through the Xbox Live Arcade amassing well-over 100,000 players in the first few months. And while the Xbox 360 launch of this game has been one of the most significant releases for programmer Team Meat, it appears that Nintendo Switch gave it a run for the money eight decades later.

Even though Team Meat didn’t enter details on the sales amounts, they did go so Far as agreeing that Nintendo Switch is (now) the friendly ecosystem for Cartoon games, yet gave ample warning regarding continuous curation of content:

And besides discussing the game’s early success on Nintendo Switch, Team Meat delved further in re-confirming an actual replica of Super Meat Boy for Nintendo Switch — in the event you were holding out for this.

Needless to say, when you’re not a Nintendo Switch proprietor there’s other good news on the horizon. Though the game itself is nearing a few years, Team Meat had incorporated a new   RACE MODE that allowed for two-player, split-screen activity. And while this mode remains exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, PC players can expect to see an upgrade bringing this attribute in the near future:

Super Meat Boy is now available for Nintendo Switch, alongside PC, PS4, PlayStation Vita, along with older generation consoles. Team Meat is also releasing Super Meat Boy Forever for both Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, along with Xbox One, along with the team is hoping that the success of the game will allow them to buy Notch’s house.

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