Tales from the Borderlands Is Free on PC for Amazon and Twitch Prime Members

Twitch Prime readers have been getting a nice line-up of PC games included in their subscriptions recently, including Superhot along with  Steam World Heist. The next game that they’ll get is an arguably underappreciated little number called   Tales from the Borderlands.

The   Borderlands world acquired a story-heavy Telltale makeover that a whole lot of folks missed out on.   Borderlands is well known for its rapid pace and its twitchy mechanisms (and its humor, of course) but most thought Telltale couldn’t allow it to be action-packed enough. Ironically, Tales from the Borderlands had rather a great deal of action in it, albeit in a different form than the primary series needed.

For those who missed out on   Tales from the Borderlands and therefore are maybe eyeballing the Twitch Prime subscription assistance, this may be a fantastic time to jump into. It’s a brief window, so don’t miss it!

If   Tales from the Borderlands is the only portion of the news which strikes your fancy, and not a monthly subscription, then you also’re in luck.   The game is in fact available for $1 on GOG at the moment.

As a PSA for those who may not know, Amazon Prime subscribers may get Twitch Prime entirely free. All’s required is to connect your Twitch accounts for your Amazon account and start collecting your spare games.

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