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Ubisoft Lays Out Roadmap for Assassin’s Creed Origins’ DLC; First Expansion Arrives Next Week

For the ones that have ended up their experiences in Ancient Egypt  using Bayek and have been patiently waiting for more content in Assassin’s Creed Origins the wait won’t be longer.

This very first add-on is branded  The Hidden Ones and can be a story expansion centered around increasing the Brotherhood. It’ll be available on January 23 for about $9.99 free to people who already bought the season pass.

The next DLC, entitled   The Curse of Pharaohs  will come across players delving to the region of Thebes because they investigate a curse that is plaguing the property. During this narrative, you can expect to meet some famous pharaohs and Egyptian beasts in background whilst also further increasing your personality’s level because the cap will be 55.   The Curse of Pharaohs will soon be available on March 6 to $19.99.  

Finally, Ubisoft revealed if they would be launching the formerly declared Discovery Tour game mode that acts as a type of museum-like encounter for those who want to find out more about Ancient Egypt. Discovery Tour is going to be available to players that own   Assassin’s Creed Origins using a free update that will come on February 20. Possibly the coolest part of Discovery Mode’s release, however, is it’ll be readily available for purchase separately from Assassin’s Creed Origins around PC for a cost of $19.99. This is convenient.

All of this content will be arriving to Assassin’s Creed Origins during the upcoming few months alongside a variety of fresh free updates that include new quests. If you prefer  Assassin’s Creed Origins and have been needing more to perform, it appears safe to state that you’ll be able to find something enjoyable one of this ton of add-ons.

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