Kazunori Yamauchi Talks About Next Gran Turismo, Update Plans for Gran Turismo Sport, and More

Now Gran Turismo Sport Director Kazunori Yamauchi was at Taipei Game Show, and he Had Been questioned by media during a round-table interview the Japanese Website GameWatch Printed.

To start with, Yamauchi-san mentioned that he thinks the current updating strategy with brand new cars, courses, and GT League occasions will continue in the future. We also hear that Polyphony digital intends to implement both automobiles which were included in past games, and new ones.

The world of GT League will even continue to expand in the future, and Yamauchi-san believes that there is the possibility that special races that were never implemented before will look.

Asked about the potential addition of more components of customization, he clarified it was created with a different philosophy than in numbered games like Gran Turismo 6 or a possible Gran Turismo 7 that might come later on. That type of customization will likely arrive in another game of the series. The same may be said to apply more alterations of the automobile configurations.

Wondering if there are already concrete plans for another  GT, he said he cannot say anything special, but “in the moment he releases a   Gran Turismo, he has started creating another  Gran Turismo. ” About if it’ll be called   Gran Turismo 7 or not, he mentioned he doesn’t understand yet.

One of the journalists in attendance said that some players are not utilised to the Sportsmanship element, and complying with it’s difficult. Yamauchi-san commented if he sees leading players competing at occasions, they race almost with the same quality you see in top-class real races. If a good deal of “great drivers” develop the game, Gran Turismo sport may approach the actual world of motorsport.

To a remark that there may be insufficient entertainment for casual players in the game, Yamauchi-san explained that the physics and behavior of the cars are designed to ensure advanced players (who may have really pushed an actual car to a circuit) can do persuasive actions. At exactly the identical time, even people driving an automobile for the very first time act not unlike not as that they envisioned. He believes this is the very first time he attained either side at precisely the identical time.

Interestingly, Yamauchi-san also said that he doesn’t think that he’ll ever make racing games that are more entertainment-oriented, but he might work on different non-racing genres.

Plans to extending the FIA License feature are continued to unfold, with all Polyphony in communication with each national association. They’re transferring one thing at a time, because it’s hard to push ahead the job on a worldwide scale.

However, he hears that request frequently, so he is constantly alert to it “in a corner of the head. ”

When there are no plans to add multiplayer to VR races, we all noticed that time trials could come with a future update. He’d also like to add a new UI component where players may insert their ages, implementing the capability to play players at a similar age range. However, this perform for internet gameplay.

It only got a sizable update with new cars, tracks, and events, and also another  major patch launched in December.

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