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Feral Fury Gets a Launch Trailer to Celebrate Its Release

It eventually hits the shelves tomorrow for Xbox One and PS4, and also also to go along with this, Skandivania Games has published a launch trailer.

Even the trailer reveals copious amounts of action, blood, and much more explosions than you’ll know what to do with. Grenades rolls, lasers and machine guns and more are shown at a reel of scenes.

It finally destroyed itself after thousands of years of humankind being the elite race on Earth. The species of creatures prospered in their absence, carrying arms themselves and eventually climbing, searching for new houses in the celebrities.

“The two powers would be the panda empire and the horde that is hellhog. The hogs bred throughout the age of people for food, have come to be a fierce and proud warrior race, decided not to let history repeat itself. The pandas on the flip side, have gone to extinction to turning whole planets and overpopulating their houses. ”

The juxtaposition of adorable merciless war somehow result in an idea and pandas.   Feral Fury includes speedy action, 150+ items and powerups, five chapters with three procedurally-generated stages each, and several secrets hidden in each   phase.

Tesla vs. Lovecraft is another absurdly premised twin-stick shot which was recently announced also.

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