Maiev Shadowsong Joins Heroes of the Storm in a New Spotlight Video

Heroes of the Storm, that the MOBA of all things Blizzard, has included several new characters this season. Malthael from Diablo III was added in June, while Overwatch’s D.Va joined the rankings May. The latest addition, announced yesterday with a spotlight movie, is Maiev Shadowsong from Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne and the several expansions of warcraft.

She joins Heroes of the Storm as a melee assassin. Shes finest at avoiding damage entirely by penetrating her grasp while averting her enemies.

Her characteristic, called Vault of their Wardens, allows her avoid an enemies strike and to leap high in the air. Skillfully timed, this will make opponents waste their skills only to be robbed.

Fan of Knives is just that, a swath of knives have been thrown at the the front of Maiev, inducing damage. The cooldown is significantly diminished if these knives hit enemy heroes. This enables her to widdle down teams without difficulty.

Her second skill, Umbral Bind, which makes her standard attack that is following turned into a assault. Heroes have been directly tied to her. Should they attempt to escape, they’re drawn back. This can be catastrophic to enemies trying to drop back because of reduced wellbeing.

These are simply a few skills Maiev is really capable of.

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